Jibber Jabber from a Jim Jam Jabberwocky

Non-sequential nonsense from a man with nothing left to lose, except his job.

you told me I was
your whole world.

never did I realize
that you had a fleet
of spread legged UFOS
experimenting in
other galaxies.

dig me some gum
my breath smells of regrets

the past is a good place to visit
but it can be so easy to
overstay your welcome.

today I will cleanse what
tomorrow may bring.

trixclibrarian replied to your post

:*you told me that I was the only one for you. …

boo hoo love me poem :] hashtagcute

I was wondering if someone was going to comment on that. glad you liked it.

you told me
that I was the only one
for you.

little did I know.

that there were many you’s
in that horny hunk of flesh.

 a sad folk song I wrote/recorded last night about coming back to Texas after a week in Ohio.

(via jegibbs)

vehicular man boobs
watch as they roll down the popes chin

no red light STDs
along pre-dawn anus
drive-thru happy meals.

pedal to the metal
the radio is cumming
out of the A/C, but
won’t cross
Uterus state lines.

buckle up hand cuffed
burn rubber against gun-holed
road signs.

speedometer jiggles braless
window trousers rolled down
fell the wind in pubic hair
with a road pop that doesn’t care.

oh my
I’m going down south.

Hitler’s confusing vaginal melody.
Why can’t Teddy Bears be drinking buddies?
I forgot to forget the purpose of forgetting.
All is alienation at the disco.
To be friends with your youth.
A grasping at small straws.
No wonder everyone loses at wartime scrabble.

there is karmic injustice between
the coffee maker and the amount of
sleep I was able to muster last night.

brainstorming is an act that
sounds great at odd hours in the morning
but in fact, is a lousy way to have sex in the shower.

beavers live in my nose
I am all clogged up.

things could always be worse,
Anita O’Day knows how to sooth.

I will go about this circus
and count the number of times I hear
someone cough violently
even though no headline tells the whole truth.

But how could we forget
that it is Friday.

don’t mock me with your choker chain!
I am the mascaras divine intervention!
behold my golf ball of simplicity!